Visomate - USB Vision & Posture Reminder

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Visomate - USB Vision & Posture Reminder

Visomate Recommended Range

When we were in school the first rule we learnt when we were taught about computers was to keep the correct posture while using it. Well all these rule went flying out of the window when we got caught into the pressures of work. And these pressures make us not conscious of the way we are sitting.  All this, as we know, will lead to some or the other posture-related problems.


To help you rectify your bad habits, here is the Visomate, a USB Vision And Posture Reminder. Flashing LED signal indicates correct distant away from monitor. When the Blue LED is on it means: Your head is positioned within the "RECOMMENDED" visual range (35 to 60cm) from the monitor. And when the Red LED flashes: Your head is positioned closer than 35cm from the monitor and that means you are "TOO CLOSE". You could opt for the Chimes option too, for setting the warnings. Sitting on top of the monitor, it keeps the perfect distance (more than 60 cm) from you.


  • Portable
  • Easy to use and set up, just plug in
  • Correct one's vision and posture
  • Minimise myopia


  • Interactive distance detecting program
  • Works with ultrasonic sensor
  • Flashing LED signal indicates correct distance away from monitor 
  • Blue LED: Your head is positioned within the "RECOMMENDED" visual range (35 to 60cm*) from the monitor 
  • RED LED: Your head is positioned closer than 35cm* from the monitor and  means you are "TOO CLOSE"
  • CHIME ON/OFF selection for personal setting
  • Powered by USB port, no battery needed
  • Support any computer with USB port
  • Cable length: 180cm
  • Dimension: 56x56x24mm
  • Weight: 72g

Q & A:

What is USB Visomate? 
The USB Visomate is your smart companion that reminds you with flashing LEDs and chimes once you are closer than the recommended visual distance (35cm) from the monitor.

Do I need USB Visomate? 
Most PC users may position their heads too close to monitors, which may lead to accumulative eye stress and neck pain. 
If you have similar symptoms, USB Visomate can help you in a natural and interactive manner. 
Not only for your vision, but also for your children.

How does USB Visomate indicate my distance from monitor? 
Blue lights on means your head is positioned within recommended visual distance, i.e. 35 to 60cm from monitor. 
Red lights flash when your head is closer than 35cm from monitor, and means too close.

USB Visomate chimes to further remind you when you hold such improper gesture longer than 15 seconds.