Penguin USB Fan (Without Blades) - Built in Speakers and Microphone

Meet your new desk buddy! This lovely Penguin USB Fan (Without Blades) - Built in Speakers and Microphone will sure put a smile on your face while keeping you comfortable. The air flow generated by this USB mini fan is more consistent and steadier than conventional fan with similar specs.

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SGD $ 149.95

Also this mini fan is easier to clean and safer for children and pets than conventional fan. There are no worries about getting hit by any blades. This USB mini fan can be powered by any USB outlet. 



  • Safe, never get injured
  • Energy-saving, environmental protection
  • Mini USB design
  • Can be easily placed onto desk or office table
  • A must have for the elegant office or home
  • Built in speakers and microphone



  • Portable electric table desk fan
  • Smooth air: The fan uses an airfoil-shaped ramp to amplify the airflow to create a cool blast of smooth air without the unpleasant buffeting caused by spinning blades
  • Safe: No blades exposed so no possibility to injure people or pets
  • Energy-saving: Consumes half the energy of a conventional fan
  • No Fast Spinning Blades, No Buffering, Just A Smooth Powerful Airflow
  • Available in three colours: Blue, Green, and Pink



  • Product size: 16 X 12 X 24 cm
  • Shell material: ABS
  • Wind Speed: 310M³/H
  • Power: 3W
  • The motor: 6000 rmp
  • Voltage/current: USB DC 6V, USB plug or AC 110V – 240V adaptor (not included)
  • USB interface
  • Weight: 500g
  • Available in five colours: Blue, Green, Black, Yellow and Pink



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