Mini USB Fridge - It COOLS and WARMS your drinks.

Most of us have a can or a bottled beverage accompanying us to our desktops while we work, play and spend time with our technological-spouses, the computer. Here’s a perfect way to keep your beverage at just the right temperature, a miniature fridge for your desktop. Shaped like a refrigerator, this cooler/warmer keeps your drink at a stable temperature, using a USB port to power up.

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SGD $ 69.95

It’s COOL to have one too!

This fridge requires no other power source or batteries and works perfectly well with 5V USB power supply. Measuring 84 x 124 x 250mm, this one weighs in at 698g, and seems to work great as a paper weight too!

While this is not a fridge in the real sense of the word it does cool your drink down to a comfortable drinking temperature, not too warm and not too cold.



  • Great for hot weather
  • No need to get up to go to the kitchen
  • Ready to drink at all times
  • Can be used anywhere with a USB port
  • Available in silver colour
  • Capacity: 2 cans; 330ml-600ml bottle drinks
  • Internal LED light
  • No batteries required



  • Sleek design of fridge shape
  • Cool or warm switch button
  • Heating power switch
  • Red LED light when turned on
  • Easy installation
  • No driver required
  • Plug and play
  • Powered by 5V USB Power



Cable Length: 90cm (approx.)

Dimension: 25 x 12.5 x 8.5 cm (external); 24 x 8 x 8CM (internal) (approx.)

Weight: 698g 


How long does it take to cool down one normal drink ?

Around 30 minutes.

Usage instructions:
1. Do not pour liquids inside the fridge
2. Keep away from moisture
3. Do not touch the fridge with wet hands
4. To disable please unplug the USB plug
5. Keep the air vents free from obstructions
6. Reduce sun exposure

7. At high temperatures or wet conditions it is notmal that the fridge produces some drops of water; simply wipe them using a dry cloth or towel

8. This mini usb fridge will not make your drink cold like a regular fridge.  It will bring the temperature of a warm can to a comfotable drinking temperature.



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