Mini USB Fridge Deluxe (With LCD Clock)
Mini USB Fridge Deluxe (With LCD Clock)

Most of us have a can or a bottled beverage accompanying us to our desktops while we work, play and spend time with our technological-spouses, the computer. Here’s a perfect way to keep your beverage at just the right temperature, a miniature fridge for your desktop. Shaped like a refrigerator, this cooler/warmer keeps your drink at a stable temperature, using a USB port to power up.

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SGD $ 79.95

It’s COOL to have one too!

Capable of warming your drink by 70-80°C or alternatively cooling it to 10°C, this one requires no other power source or batteries and works perfectly well with 5V USB power supply. 




  • Great for hot weather
  • No need to get up to go to the kitchen
  • Ready to drink at all times
  • Can be used anywhere with a USB port
  • Available in red colour
  • Capacity: 1 can; 330ml
  • No batteries required



  • Keeps coffee/tea/drink warm 70-80°C, cool 10-15°C
  • Switch button to change to warm/chill, with LED indicator;Turns yellow when cold, Turns red when warm
  • The Fridge can hold a 330 ml can
  • With LCD function, calendar, time and tempreture display
  • Ion polishing technology is introduced to metal plate, fully improved interface, well isolating material, enhanced cool and warm effect
  • Powered by 5V 500mA via USB from your computer
  • Available color: Red


Internal size is:125 (H) x 67.5 mm (Diameter)

Size: 90 x 91.5 x 200 mm

Cable length: 100 cm

Weight: 431 g