Ultimate Bedside Organizer

Ultimate Bedside Organizer keeps nighttime essentials at your fingertips.

While sitting, laying or sleeping in your bed the last thing you'll want to do is jump out of bed for a tissue, the remote or any other small item. Tired of knocking your book or tablet off your nightstand?

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Equipped with 3 deep pockets and 3 mesh pockets to hold it all!

Ultimate Bedside Organizer keeps essentials at your fingertips and hangs over your bed and holds just about everything you need within arm's reach. This clever Ultimate Bedside Organizer will keep the items you use most in convenient reach. Held in place by your mattress, it hangs on the side of your bed so it's out of the way. The Ultimate Bedside Organizer has specially sized pockets to hold a wide variety of items, from a box of tissues to your tablet and the TV remote. Great for holding: - Eye Glasses - TV Remote - Cell Phone - MP3 Player - Tissues - Books (not textbooks) - Pens/Highlighters.



  • Easy-to-use
  • Attractively designed
  • Can hold a tissue box, cell phone, remote control, book, magazines, tablet, magazines, reading glasses, and more!
  • Save space
  • More organized



  • Fits neatly between a mattress and box spring to securely hold the bedside organizer in place.
  • Three deep storage pockets holds magazines, books, a top-dispensing box of tissues, tablets, writing journal and more.
  • Three outer mesh pockets are ideal for a cell phone, TV remotes, reading glasses, MP3 player and other small accessories, etc.



 32cm L X 13cm  W X 26cm H excluding the flap insertion  32cm L X 40cm H




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